To the stars

We are going to live very differently if we start looking more often at the night sky. Imagine it is the beginning of summer. A July summer night. You are at the beach, on a mountain or in the city. You can be the busiest person and you can be the most careless one, but that doesn’t matter when you look up at the night sky full of bright stars which may seem like small shiny dots. It’s like someone has spilled a jar full of glitter on a black piece of paper. Wherever you look this is all you see. Dark, beautiful and endless. At some point you start losing yourself. Don’t be afraid to lose yourself, you can always come back of course only if you want to. This will help you to start thinking in a different way. Different than your everyday thoughts. You start forgetting where you are, who you are and you realize that doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter who you are on the Earth because when you look up you become whoever you want to be. You become the person you have dreamed to be your whole life. You don’t have any limits anymore. Imagine while you are looking up someone or something somewhere in the Universe is also looking at the same sky and wishes it can be like you. It is incredible that we know almost nothing about that shiny black wall and what is it hiding and probably we will never find out, but it is always interesting to step outside our comfort zone and think about this. The possibilities are endless and the best thing is that we will never find out. That’s why it can be whatever we want it to be. Anything we want, everything we don’t have or anything we want it to be.

A lot of people search for an escape from the reality they live in everyday and this is probably one of the best escapes. It can open your eyes for a lot more possibilities. If there is a time where you feel like you want to run away just look up. This will always be your world, shaped only by you. Everything will be okay there. Go for a little bit it will help you. It is even better if you do it more often. It is important to disconnect from reality from time to time otherwise we will go insane and the stars are the most beautiful way to do that.

There was a time when I was also searching for an escape and I found it when I started looking at the beautiful night sky. I liked it way too much and I never came back…



One Day

One day when you least expect it a person will enter your life and nothing will ever be the same again. You will go out, you will talk, you will make each other happy. He will be the first one you will want to tell when something happens. You will tell each other everything. You will find pieces of yourself in him. You will become best friends. It feels like you are the same person and you just can’t live without each other. The moment you imagine your life without him, will be the moment you realize that you have feelings for that person. That will scare you. You have been hurt before and you don’t want that to happen again, but it will be too late. You will do everything possible to stop yourself from thinking about him. You will go out late at night . You will listen to your music at a volume you can’t hear your thoughts, but nothing will help. You try so hard to forget him and you are afraid of being hurt so badly you start losing him.

You start talking one a day, once a week, once a month until you completely fade away from each others lives. You will miss each other. A lot. But no one will reach out to the other for many reasons. Even though he isn’t in your life anymore, he is still in your heart. Every night you lay awake thinking what could have been if things had gone differently. Months go by, maybe even a year. Suddenly, you hear your phone buzzing. The screen says ”I want to see you. I miss you”. You can’t believe it. You are at a loss of words, you don’t know what to do. You would do anything just to have a couple more moments together. You know it’s wrong, but you’ve got to listen to your heart. You take a deep breath and reply with “Okay.”. After 20 minutes he is at your place. You know each other so well you don’t need to say were you will meet. You are at a loss of words the first moment you see him. Before the eyes of both of you there are a thousand memories and a thousand more unspoken words. He starts telling you why things happened the way they did. He tells you he has feelings for you.. You can’t believe what you are hearing… You start thinking how you could have been together and everything would’ve been okay if only someone said something earlier .. But you’re the same, right? Both of your prides are bigger than they have to.. How much love you have lost because of it..

After a two-hour long conversation, he walks you to your place. You stay like that for a really long time. You can’t let him go.. Not again. After a while you feel his eyes on your lips and after that his on your lips. You can’t believe what is happening. You know that’s is not a good decision, but that is everything your heart has ever wanted. You both know you are not good for each other. You will hurt yourselves in ways you can’t even imagine. You know you are seeing each other for the last time. And ┬áthat is how you first kiss, becomes your last, but it’s not like any other you’ve ever had in your life. That’s how there will be forever pieces of him in you and pieces of you in him. It will never be the same again.You will always see each other in everyone you will meet. No one will ever understand you the way you understand each other.

You will forever be in your thoughts, but not in your arms.
You will forever miss each other, but you will never be together.
It will forever hurt, but nothing will ever help.

After all what helps for a broken heart?