You can’t ever tell me that summer is the best time of the year. I hate the fact that even if you want to go outside ot do anything you can’t because it’s like a hundred degrees outside and your brain is melting. I hate the fact that you are constantly exhausted because of the heat and then you can’t fall asleep because of that. I hate that you have to shower with cold water at least 15 times a day because otherwise you will die of heat stroke. I hate all of the insects that bite you all the time and nothing ever helps. I hate it when it is so hot and there is nothing you can do to feel better because again nothing helps.

Yes, I know that every summer has its story, but that’s it.

Do you what I do like? The first rain in September that everyone has waited so long for. It washes the summer off of us and it comes with a cool breeze which tells us that the best time of the year is coming. And that’s autumn and winter. One of the most beautiful things are the gold-yellow-brownish autumn leaves that fall on the ground and when you step on them you can hear winter coming. I find some kind of peace in autumn rain. That is the time I feel alive and ready for a new life. I wouldn’t mind if it rained all year but it is time for winter again. You can’t compare the beauty of the first white snow to anything else. Winter has a special power which not everyone can feel because they are too busy being cold but if you forget about that for a moment they will realize that they can’t find it anywhere else. This is the time that gives you the power you need to finish whatever you have started this year and to start the new year.
Also, is there a better feeling than being at home drinking you hot chocolate while the snow falls silently outside? 


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