Faking a smile

Hello beautiful girl

– You need to smile more often.

I guess you haver heard that a million times but something always stops you from doing it. Something stops that smile from being real. You have learned how to fake a smile so that people will leave you alone. A fake smile behind which you hide a lot of memories, feelings and tears. But they don’t understand, right? In fact nobody understands. You are alone in this world. Or that’s just how you feel even if you are surrounded by people. But who will understand? No one has been through what you go through every day. Every day you wonder why you are the way you are and what is wrong with you. Everything is fine with you, you’re gorgeous. But how to believe that when you’ve been told the opposite all your life. You think you are no good because people always get tired of you. You tell yourself over and over again that you do not deserve love because the person you have loved the most has left you even after a thousand “forevers”. There is something very wrong with you. You destroy yourself so others can be fine. You burn for people who do not burn for you. You have loved once now you run away from anyone who wants to get close to you. Who was that person who left you that empty that no matter how hard you try you just can’t feel it in? Who was the person who destroyed you and now has no idea what is going on with you? You are not like the rest of the girls. You are different, right? 

– See how many things can hide a smile even if it is a fake one but you need to know that that doesn’t make you less beautiful. Next time when you hear those words try to do it you can feel whole once again if it is just for a second. The person who tells you to smile more ofteb doesn’t know all of that. All they see is a gorgeous girl.


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